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Still available Driver CPC training online. Courses daily, including evenings and weekends. (100% satisfaction rate) For the full 35 hours or just a single 7 hours seven refresher, book your place today. £49 including VAT and DVSA upload fee.

Driver CPC Training online

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£49 Online

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Unfortunately due to

Covid 19

Classroom Driver CPC Training 

isn't possible at the moment.

We hope to be able to offer classroom course in August 2021.

Call 01158 500 130 to book



About Us

Established in 2006 in the Derbyshire town of Long Eaton, Pride was one of the very first Driver CPC Centres to be Approved and is now the market leader for Driver Training material and videos.

The Pride Training team is led by Steve Morison, a former DVSA Training and Area Operations Manager; so you can rest assured that you will be in very capable hands. The success of our company is attributed to our unyielding passion for quality and a creative, forward-thinking approach.

Our aim is to make a difference, by providing enjoyable, informative, professional, online Driver CPC courses and training material.


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